gay men's brotherhood

We are a conscious community for gay men to connect with each other on the journey from healing from shame to becoming more authentic and aligned to our truth. We support one another in the development of self-worth and confidence. 

A few words from some of our brothers

The GMB came at a time in my life where I think it was needed most. I had all but given up on myself and just felt completely alone and stagnant. To have become a part of such an authentic and truly loving group of guys has been beyond a blessing. Every day I am learning to love myself just a little bit more and finally able to tell myself I am worth it. It’s a family I am happy and so very proud to count myself a part of!! Thank you Matt, Calan, Michael, and Reno for creating a home for all of us misfit fit toys who happen to fit perfectly together!!
Since joining The Gay Men’s Brotherhood Facebook group I’ve found a lot of men open to personal growth and spiritual experiences. I love the boundary of this group to not objectify one another, or use our bodies to get gratification or being judgmental of others. This group is allowing me to challenge myself and grow internally with the safety to be vulnerable.

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