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Welcome to the Gay Men’s Brotherhood!

We are the primary leaders of the Brotherhood.

Michael Dilorio (top left), Warren Augustin, Ellery Luague, Matt Landsiedel, and Steven Band


Our mission is to offer gay men education, inspiration, connection, healing, and a safe space to belong. 


Our vision is to create a new kind of gay community where everyone can feel safe to belong and show up authentically as they are. 

The deets on your GMB leadership team

Matt Landsiedel

Matt is a Counsellor & Facilitator from Calgary, Canada. He specializes in working with highly sensitive people (HSP), empaths and gay men to develop a stronger sense of self-worth. His areas of expertise are teaching people how to heal toxic shame and attachment trauma and embody their authentic self so they can enjoy meaningful connections in their lives.  

Matt is a Registered Professional Counsellor through the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. He has spent the last 15 years working in the fields of Mental Health & Addiction Counselling and Intuitive Life and Spiritual Coaching where he guides people on their psychological and spiritual journey through life. 

Matt has also studied Peruvian Shamanism through the Santa Tierras Earth Medicine Traditions and incorporates this healing modality into his own life and coaching/counselling practice.

In his spare time, you can find him traveling the world, writing, reading, hiking mountains, meditating and contemplating life, spending quality time with family and friends, learning the guitar, singing, taking photographs, and spending time building conscious community alongside his private coaching/counselling practice.

You can find out more about Matt at MattLandsiedel.com or connect with him on Instagram @inspiredtobeauthentic

Michael DiIorio

Michael Diiorio

Michael is a certified life & wellness coach located in Toronto, Canada. He started Wellismo in 2019 as a blog for gay men who were interested in personal development and spirituality. In 2020, after 13 years in corporate leadership coaching, he became certified with the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP). He expanded into personal life coaching as a way to work directly with clients to guide them through their own personal transformation.⁠

Michael coaches people of all genders and sexual preferences, and his specialty is helping gay men develop genuine self-confidence that comes from being more of who you are. 

Being gay presents unique challenges including developing a true sense of self, healing shame, loneliness, and finding meaningful connections with other men. Through both 1-on-1 and group coaching, his mission is to help gay men all over the world feel a stronger sense of self-worth.

Michael’s empowering approach to coaching focuses on cultivating constructive mental habits and developing emotional maturity. His candid and judgement-free perspective on gay culture, atypical of a traditional wellness coach, and his clients find it refreshingly honest. ⁠

You can find out more about Michael at Wellismo.com or follow him on Instagram at @wellismo_coach

Steven band

Steven is a Licensed Professional Counselor/Mental Health Therapist in Atlanta Georgia USA, with over 17 years experience.  He specializes in teaching people how to process grief and loss issues; attachment trauma; identifying their core fears in life, to encourage them to be more of their authentic self, and expand their ability to be vulnerable and courageous in life.Steven enjoys working with both couples and individuals, gay and straight. Through his solution focused approach to identifying problems and solutions, he support them getting unstuck with unresolved conflicts and emotions.Steven enjoys traveling, gardening, working out at the gym, spending quality time with his partner Terry, meditating, time with his ever expanding family and friends, and challenging himself to step outside his comfort zone towards personal growth and happiness.

You can find out more about Steven at Psychologytoday.com


Warren Augustin

Warren Augustin is a conscious individual shaking the planet with his truth to showcase the light in the darkness. His interest are connecting others to their higher self by being an example of truth, vulnerability, and authenticity in his daily life. 
Warren invests himself in shamanic healing work and continues building a connection of mindfulness within his yoga practice. The importance of breathing through my nose connects me to the Divine and that’s important to me. 
Warren has been a GMB moderator since December 2021. He enjoys the safe space the GMB provides for it’s members. It promotes, authenticity, vulnerability, and a new sense of true uplifting community for the gay community at large. 
You can find Warren on Instagram @therealwarrenaugustin 

Ellery Luague

Ellery is an internationally trained architect with a career focus on project and construction management. At present, he is in government service managing construction contracts for federal clients. 

Ellery has been an advocate and consumer of personal growth, development, and leadership programs since his pre-teen years. When he moved to Canada some years ago, he embarked on an intensive journey of self-discovery, uncovering some of his blindspots as well as rediscovering his strengths. The new tools he’s gained from doing this internal work have been helping him to be more authentic with himself while relating to other people; and navigating the ups and downs of life. 

Outside of work, Ellery enjoys going for nature walks, relaxing while watching his favourite films & television shows, and going on long drives. As an amateur performer, he cultivates his love for music through karaoke and singing in the shower. He’s also been a member of Toronto’s largest 2SLGBTQIA+ choir, Singing Out. Traveling is one of his passions and the airport is one of my happy places, believe it or not. He loves exploring different cuisines, cultures, places, and experiences — most especially getting to know people and what’s important to them. 

Snippets of Ellery’s life can be seen on Instagram via @iamlovemagnet