Here is what some of our members have to say

"The GMB came at a time in my life where I think it was needed most. I had all but given up on myself and just felt completely alone and stagnant. To have become a part of such an authentic and truly loving group of guys has been beyond a blessing. Every day I am learning to love myself just a little bit more and finally able to tell myself I am worth it. It’s a family I am happy and so very proud to count myself a part of!! Thank you Matt, Calan, Michael, and Reno for creating a home for all of us misfit fit toys who happen to fit perfectly together!!"
"Gay Men's Brotherhood came about at exactly the right time for me. After experiencing mistreatment and disrespect in a situation that left me feeling hurt, dazed and confused I have found the collective wisdom and content being produced by this group to be of great value. Together we're able to talk to each other about the issues we struggle with, about shame, blame, hurt and regret. This helps us as individuals see that we're not alone. Together we remember to stick to the essentials in life; taking care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Ultimately, the essentials are what build self-esteem. As shame is brought into the light and healed and self-esteem built we find ourselves becoming authentic to ourselves and our truth. As our own light shines forth we become a beacon for others helping them find the way. Ultimately, the journey of healing and growth comes down to a personal choice each of us has to make. Only we can go on this journey. This group is like a home base, a friendly port in stormy seas. We encourage each other to do the hard work of self-reflection and wrestling with our own demons. In so we collectively raise the vibration of the community and the dating pool at large. Ultimately, we become the change we wish to see."
Ryan D
"Hi everyone, my name is David and I currently live in Chicago where I first moved to when I was 15 years old from Mexico. Prior to joining the GMB group, I had been on a path of self discovery and I have to admit, at first I was hesitant to join. One of the guys I met during one magical weekend, which is one of the many gay circuit music festivals. Him and I have stayed in touch for the last two years and after hearing me speak about the podcast I host, he invited me to join this group to share my experiences with dating and letting go of the shame I carried as a result of my mistakes. When I was younger, 22 to be exact, I proposed to the man I was dating at the time, but after I got caught cheating our relationship of three and a half years fell apart. Ever since then I’ve been meeting people who’ve helped me heal and come into a sense of who I am and what I want to do. My hesitation to join this group came from the previous experiences of joining a “positive” lgbtq+ social media group that ends up becoming just another place where the members continue to shame and reject others that don’t agree with their own views and mostly which are based on a popularity established by a sense of beauty that has nothing to do with the space provided. After being a member of the GMB, I’ve come to see that there are people who are also in a path of healing and discovery and perhaps all at different levels, but in here were all able to love and support each other."
"Since joining The Gay Men’s Brotherhood Facebook group I’ve found a lot of men open to personal growth and spiritual experiences. I love the boundary of this group to not objectify one another, or use our bodies to get gratification or being judgmental of others. This group is allowing me to challenge myself and grow internally with the safety to be vulnerable."