Another “Failed” Relationship (Navigating Gay Dating)

In this episode Matt speaks with Indie Author and Counselor, Jonathan Lee about dating as a gay man. Jonathan wrote his debut book 40 Single Gay where he over-shares his experience in the hostile gay dating world and what he learned about himself through the process. Matt and Jonathan unpack everything from hookup culture and non-monogamy, to intimacy and how to get our emotional needs met as gay men. 

Here are some of the concepts they explored in this episode:

  • What is your experience of dating in the gay community?
  • Societal pressures to be in a relationship
  • Hostile world of dating
  • Baggage and insecurity from past relationships
  • The investment of time and energy it takes to date 
  • The epidemic of intimacy avoidance in our community 
  • Reframing failed relationships 
  • Doing our inner work 

If you find yourself lonely and frustrated with the gay dating scene and hook up apps, this episode may be just what you need.

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Today’s Hosts:

Jonathan Lee:

Matt Landsiedel:

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