Authenticity and Social Media

Authenticity and Social Media

In this episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, we delve into the complexities of authenticity in the digital age. From Instagram to OnlyFans, we are living in an increasingly performative world where authenticity seems harder to discern. 

Today we are going deeper behind the blurred lines between being fake and putting your best self forward. We’ll be discussing the nuances of genuine self-expression versus performative behavior with personal examples and anecdotes to illustrate. 

Some of the topics we’ll be discussing are: 

  • Why insincerity thrives in social media 
  • How do you define authenticity? 
  • The pressures to “keep up” with other gay men 
  • The tendency to compete and compare  
  • Is curating your social media still considered authentic?
  • The fine line between being authentic and performative 
  • Ascertaining authenticity in the age of filters and algorithms 

Tune in to gain valuable perspectives on social media, insincerity, and the pursuit of authenticity in the digital age.

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