Bathhouses and Cruising

Long before the days of Grindr and the internet, the gay scene was largely underground. Gay and bi men had to find creative ways to connect in discreet, yet relatively safe spaces.  

For many, the locals baths – or bathhouses- were a sanctuary where you could be yourself and meet other guys who were interested in both sexual and friendly connection.

Meanwhile, cruising spots were known public spaces where men met for casual encounters. 

Yet for decades, the baths were routinely raided and became a battleground for the fight for queer rights and the gay liberation movement. 

In today’s episode of #GayMenGoingDeeper, Michael is talking with long-time writer, activist, and educator Tim McCaskell about bathhouses and cruising. Together they’ll share personal stories while exploring topics such as:

  • What really goes on in a bathhouse?
  • Why are they important to our history and culture?
  • Are they still relevant today?
  • What are the risks?
  • Tips for making the most of your visit

Whether you enjoy the bathhouse scene or not, this episode will shed light on the sociological and historical significance of these queer spaces from the perspective of two men of two different generations. 

Today’s Guest

Tim McCaskell is a long-time writer, activist and educator. In addition to being a collective member of The Body Politic from 1974 to 1986, he was a leader in the fight back against police raids on the gay baths in the 80s. He was also a member of AIDS ACTION NOW! where he fought for funding for AIDS treatment and medication. He has published two books: “Queer Progress” and “Race to Equity“.

Today’s Host

Michael DiIorio is a certified life and wellness coach specializing in self-confidence, sexuality, and relationships. You can find Michael at www.wellismo.com and at in the Sexual Empowerment Group. You can also follow him on Instagram @wellismo_coach.

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