Dealing with guilt and regret

Dealing with Guilt and Regret

In this emotionally stirring episode, we dive into the heavy and complex topic of dealing with guilt and regret.

Sometimes we must face the uncomfortable consequences of our actions and learn how to not remain paralyzed in the shadows of guilt and regret. 

Join us as we explore the universal experience of making mistakes, forgiveness, self-forgiveness, and the power of moving forward with resilience

Some of the topics we’re covering today are:

  • What’s the difference between guilt and regret
  • How to handle making mistakes in your life and relationships
  • Dwelling on past mistakes vs. healthy self-reflection
  • Step-by-step process to help you move on
  • Letting yourself down
  • Mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Acceptance and forgiveness 

With personal anecdotes and expert insights, this episode delves into the intricate layers of shame, remorse, and self-reflection.

Today’s Hosts:

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