Guided Meditation: Balancing the Masculine & Feminine Energy within

In this episode, Matt Landsiedel takes you on a guided meditative journey to discover the relationship between your masculine and feminine energies.

The guided meditation is designed to help you restore balance between your masculine and feminine energy. When we use the terms masculine and feminine, we are not referring to the gender or sex of an individual, we are referring to the energetic duality that exists within all human beings. We all have a masculine or yang energy, and we all have a feminine or yin energy within us.

If you are stuck and unable to heal or slow down in your life, then you may be suppressing your feminine energy. If you are not actively engaged in your life and feel unmotivated, then you may be suppressing your masculine energy. This guided meditation will help you reconnect to the divine masculine and feminine energy within you so you can become integrated and balanced as nature has intended for you.

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