Spiritual Awakening

In this episode, Matt Landsiedel and Michael DiIorio unpack the concept of the spiritual awakening. They both share their personal experiences with spiritual awakenings and how they navigated these really challenging periods in their lives. If you are struggling in life right now, you might be going through a spiritual awakening. The best way through one of these experiences is to learn about its meaning, making it easier to navigate.

Here are the 4 questions we explored in this episode:

  1. What does spiritual awakening mean to you?
  2. What has been one of the most profound spiritual experiences you’ve had?
  3. What practices do you have to help you move through spiritual awakenings?
  4. What has been your greatest learning when it comes to spiritual growth?

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1 thought on “Spiritual Awakening”

  1. Brian J Godfrey

    Excellent session! One of your best, I think, in terms of the larger meanings of our daily struggles and sufferings. Good job!

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