When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

How do you know when it’s time to say goodbye? Whether it’s a relationship or job or a living situation, the best goodbyes are the ones that come from a place of love, not destruction. 

In today’s episode, Michael and Star are opening up about their painful decision to close the chapter on their romantic relationship. Some of the topics they’ll cover in this episode are:

  • How and why they came to this decision
  • The importance of knowing when you’ve reached the natural ending 
  • Ways to make the uncoupling process smoother 
  • How they individually grew from this experience
  • How their relationship will change going forward
  • Reflection questions that can help you decide whether you should stay or leave 
  • Tips for having a “good” goodbye

Goodbyes are a natural part of life and this episode encourages the idea that goodbyes can be good and peaceful. You can leave a situation full of gratitude and peace rather than resentment and destruction.

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