Sex Positivity

Your sexuality is yours, and how you express it is the fun of life. But for so many of us, sex is wrapped up in shame. In this episode, Michael has a candid conversation with special guest, Mike Iamele, about sex positivity and sexual confidence. Together, they explore: Michael also volunteers to have his sensitivities …

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Fake vs. Real Confidence

About today’s show Self-confidence looks like a lot of different things, depending on who you ask. In this episode, we’re shedding some light on the difference between fake confidence and real confidence. We’ll be looking at: What does it mean to be truly self-confident? How do you tell the difference between fake confidence and real …

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About Today’s Show We all want things for ourselves and our lives: more confidence, more love, more connection. But we can’t get to more if we don’t begin by accepting exactly where we are in the present, flaws and all. Join us on this episode as we unpack these questions: 1. What does it mean …

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