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Money Mindset

Money Mindset

In this enriching episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, we are delving deep into the world of personal finance and exploring the often underestimated power of your money mindset.  Everyone has a money mindset, which consists of your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about money.  Whether you realize it or not, this mindset is creating your …

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Making Friends: Introverts Edition

Making friends can feel like a complex puzzle in the gay world – and when you’re an introvert, the pieces fit differently. In this episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, Michael DiIorio and friendship coach, Zayne Khan explore the distinctive hurdles faced by introverts in their quest for companionship. We’ll cover topics such as: If …

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Work-Life Balance

In this episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, we tackle a topic that’s become increasingly important in our fast-paced, interconnected world: work-life balance.  Throughout this episode, we explore the causes of the work-life balance struggle, including societal expectations and the constant connectivity enabled by technology. We’ll also share stories and practical advice on how we …

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Discovering Your Purpose

Discovering Your Purpose

Every human being has a unique purpose: something you and only you can bring to this world. In today’s episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, we are sharing our personal journeys towards our purpose. We’ll share how moments of clarity, inspiration, and even adversity provided invaluable insights into our true calling. Some of the questions …

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Sharing NSFW Pics

In this provocative episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, Michael DiIorio and Pepper pushing boundaries, sparking discussion, and providing helpful tips on sharing NSFW pics. Some of the topics we’ll be covering today are: Join us for this entertaining episode where we celebrate sexuality and self-expression while also considering the very real risks and drawbacks …

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Healing a Traumatic Past (CPTSD)

In this episode Matt speaks with Scott Blackwood about healing their traumatic pasts. They talk about the impacts of relational and attachment trauma on their lives and how this led to Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), shame, low self-esteem and social isolation. They talk about how the unresolved trauma impacted their relationship with themselves …

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Inner Child Work

Today we are diving deep into the profound practice of inner child work, a transformative journey that has the power to heal wounds from our past and pave the way for a brighter future. Join us as we delve into various techniques and exercises that can help you connect with your inner child, nurture them, …

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Bullying: Panel Discussion

Bullying is defined as an ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/or social behaviour that intends to cause physical, social and/or psychological harm. Why this conversation is important: It is said that approximately ⅓ people will experience some form of bullying in their lifetime; in the home, in the …

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Spiritual Abuse & Religious Trauma

In today’s episode, Michael DiIorio invites special guest Jeremy Russo to explore how spiritual abuse can manifest within religious communities, causing harm to individuals’ mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. We also touch upon religious trauma, discussing its lasting impact on survivors, and the journey towards healing and forgiveness.  While this is a deeply sensitive …

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