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Money Mindset

Money Mindset

In this enriching episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, we are delving deep into the world of personal finance and exploring the often underestimated power of your money mindset.  Everyone has a money mindset, which consists of your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about money.  Whether you realize it or not, this mindset is creating your […]

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Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias refers to the internal biases or attitudes that influence our interactions and behaviour towards others.  We all have these deeply ingrained biases that unfortunately can hinder our efforts to build a more diverse and inclusive community.  In today’s episode, we are sharing our experience with Unconscious Bias in hopes that it will help

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External and Internal Validation (Part 1)

Having a healthy sense of self-worth means balancing both external and internal validation. External validation is when you derive your self-worth from sources outside of yourself while Internal validation is when your self-worth comes from within.  Unfortunately, many people rely on the external at the expense of the internal, thereby creating a situation where you

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