External and Internal Validation (Part 1)

Having a healthy sense of self-worth means balancing both external and internal validation.

External validation is when you derive your self-worth from sources outside of yourself while Internal validation is when your self-worth comes from within. 

Unfortunately, many people rely on the external at the expense of the internal, thereby creating a situation where you are hustling to prove yourself to others and are over-sensitive to their criticism.  

In this special two-part series, we’re welcoming back to the show, Reno Johnston, to discuss how we can develop a more secure sense of self-worth using both external and internal validation. 

In part 1, we’ll be focusing on the external by discussing things like:

  • Why do we crave external validation?
  • In what ways do gay men typically seek it?
  • What are the benefits?
  • When does does become an issue?

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