Body Confidence

Body confidence is the ability to feel good in your body, regardless of its size or shape. But there are many reasons why gay men in particular struggle in this area. 

Wanting to work on your body is perfectly natural, but having the right mindset is crucial to this process.  

How can you work on your body goals without it being harmful to your mental health? In today’s episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, Michael DiIorio invites Jarrod Bruce Lee to answer that very question, as well as discussing:

  • Where body confidence actually comes from
  • Dealing with the pressure to look a certain way 
  • What prevents us from feeling more confident in our bodies
  • Motivating yourself with self-love instead of self-loathing 
  • Balancing external validation with self-validation

Today’s Guest: Jarrod Bruce Lee

Today’s Host: Michael DiIorio

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