Intergenerational Relationships

In a youth-obsessed culture, it’s easy to overlook the benefits of aging and the wisdom that only comes with lived experience.

Including people of different generations in your social circle helps enrich our community and improves quality of life for everyone involved.

Yet there are many stigmas attached to intergenerational (or “age-gap”) relationships, especially the romantic variety.

In this episode, Michael invites psychiatrist Dr. Hector Rodriguez to talk about platonic and romantic intergenerational relationships. This episode covers a variety of topics such as: 

  • Benefits of intergenerational relationships to our community and at the individual level
  • Common stigmas in romantic relationships
  • Ageism in the gay community
  • Fetishizing older/younger men
  • The unique challenges of romantic intergenerational relationships and how to overcome them

Join us for this episode that is ultimately about connection and community – regardless of age.

Today’s Guest: Dr. Hector Rodriguez

Today’s Host

Michael DiIorio is a certified life and wellness coach specializing in self-confidence, sexuality, and relationships. You can find Michael at and follow him on Instagram @wellismo_coach.

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