Mentoring the Next Generation of Gay Men

Mentoring the Next Generation of Gay Men

In this episode, Matt speaks with leadership and culture consultant, speaker, coach, and best-selling author Joe Makston about mentoring the next generation of gay men. 

They both share their experiences with leadership/mentorship in their process of coming out. They also unpack how to best become mentors for the next generation so we can end the intense suffering our community endures. It’s through our own healing that we can lead others in their healing; this conversation shines light on how we can best do this as a community.

The questions and concepts discussed in this episode are:

  • Explore the community that was created for us by the previous generation
  • What has been your experience with leadership in the gay community? (Pros and cons)
  • What type of mentorship did you have or wish you had when you were coming out?
  • How can we have platonic intimacy when the connection calls for it?
  • What are the skills that are required to thrive in the gay community or have healthy relationships with other gay men?
  • How can we best mentor the next generation to have a positive gay experience?

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