Body Shaming

Body Shaming

Join us as we have a candid and crucial conversation about body shaming within the gay community. We’re sharing personal experiences while shedding light on the layers of societal expectations and standards that often impact self-perception.

We’ll look at the historical context of body image for gay men and its evolution over the years. From the quest for the “ideal” physique to the influence of media and apps, we’re sharing personal stories and providing insightful perspectives on the numerous factors that contribute to body image struggles among gay men. Some of the topics we’re exploring in this episode:

  • How have you been impacted by body shame?
  • Media literacy
  • Depictions of masculinity in social media and p0rnography
  • What contributes to body shaming in society/gay community?
  • What can we do to overcome body shaming?

As always we’ll also be sharing ideas for solutions as we discuss the role of media representation, the importance of supportive communities, and the need for collective action to challenge harmful stereotypes.

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