The Anxious Gay Mind

the anxious gay mind gay men going deeper podcast

In this episode, Michael and Pepper of The Gay Good are exploring the unique stressors that contribute to anxiety in the lives of gay men. 

They’re sharing personal experiences, coaching tools, coping mechanisms, and insights on how we can support each other through the challenges of anxiety. 

Some of the topics we cover in today’s episode:

  • The difference between anxiety and anxiety disorder 
  • The role of minority stress 
  • Feeling pressure to meet unrealistic expectations 
  • Social media and dating apps 
  • The environmental factors that contribute to anxiety
  • How to recognize anxiety in your mind and body
  • Mindfulness techniques that help provide relief 
  • Useful and not-so-useful coping mechanisms 
  • Processes for responding to your anxious gay mind

Tune in for this candid conversation filled with insights and strategies for navigating anxiety as a gay man.

Today’s Guest: Pepper 


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