Narcissism in the Gay Community

Narcissism in the Gay Community

In this episode, Matt speaks with Ken Reid, an attachment and trauma informed counsellor, about narcissism in the gay community. They unpack the intricacies of this topic from both perspectives; understanding the narcissistic person, as well as those who attract these types of people into their lives. Come learn what causes narcissism, how to deal with narcissistic people, and what you can do to heal the parts of you that are attracting narcissistic people.   

The questions we will be unpacking in today’s episode are:

  1. What is narcissism? 
  2. What causes narcissism? 
  3. How might gay men have higher rates of narcissim?
  4. How does it show up in the gay community?
  5. Dating a narcissist, what would it look like?
  6. How can we deal with narcissistic people?

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