Boy Crazy: Navigating Attraction and Crushes

Boy Crazy: Navigating Attraction and Crushes

In this episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, we’re exploring a more playful and flirtatious side of ourselves as we dive headfirst into the captivating realm of crushes and attraction. Being “boy crazy,” may seem frivolous but, today we are unfolding the intricate layers of emotions and experiences that come with navigating attraction.

As always, we are using our personal experiences to explore the unique dynamics of attraction, the thrill of infatuation, and the challenges that come with it. The questions we’re unpacking today are:

  1. What kinds of guys are you typically attracted to? Are there any specific traits that make your heart flutter? 
  2. How do you express your feelings to guys you are interested in?
  3. How do you handle unreciprocated feelings?

Join us for a candid conversation about the exciting, nerve-wracking, and sometimes surprising journeys of having a crush. Whether it’s the electrifying feeling of butterflies or the vulnerability of unrequited love, this episode embraces the spectrum of emotions that make crushes a universal, yet uniquely personal, aspect of the human experience.

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