Protecting Your Peace

Protecting Your Peace

In this episode, Matt speaks with Nyle Biondi, a trans and queer psychotherapist, about protecting their peace. In a world that is divisive and full of violence, oppression and hatred, how can we protect our peace? 

This episode explores ways in which we might be giving away our power and how we can stop doing this and learn to protect our peace. Come spend an hour with Matt and Nyle and learn how to protect your own peace from things like family dynamics, media, oppressive societal views/beliefs/laws, hatred, etc. Your power and peace are in your hands more than you may think. 

The questions we will be unpacking in today’s episode are:

  • What does it mean to protect your peace?
  • What interrupts our peace?
  • What are strategies you use to protect your peace?
  • How can we balance caring about the systems around us and protecting our peace?
  • How can we come back into our center and stand in our own truth and power?

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