body image

Body Confidence

Body confidence is the ability to feel good in your body, regardless of its size or shape. But there are many reasons why gay men in particular struggle in this area.  Wanting to work on your body is perfectly natural, but having the right mindset is crucial to this process.   How can you work […]

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Aging is an inevitable part of life, but we each have a unique relationship with it. Some of us embrace it with open arms and don’t buy into the idea of a “gay death” at a certain age. Others struggle with aging and cling to our youth and relevance as each year passes. In this

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Fitness, Nutrition & Mental Health

In today’s episode, host Matt Landsiedel speaks with Nutrition Coach Scott Weisgarber about the relationship between fitness, nutrition and mental health. Together they explore questions like: What is the relationship between fitness, nutrition and mental health? How come gay men are so concerned about physical health and appearance? How does this obsession with appearance impact

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Body Talk

About Today’s Show In today’s episode, we explore body image in the gay community. Why does it rule our social world as gay men? How do we break the cycle? What changes need to happen in order for us to stop focusing so much on appearance? Listen and find out! Watch this ep on YouTube

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