healing shame

Healing Shame

Shame is that terrible feeling that arises when you get the sense that something is fundamentally wrong about you. It is often accompanied by inadequacy and self-doubt. Shame convinces you that you are not enough.   Like it or not, shame plays a key role in the gay man’s life. Born into a straight world, […]

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Fitness, Nutrition & Mental Health

In today’s episode, host Matt Landsiedel speaks with Nutrition Coach Scott Weisgarber about the relationship between fitness, nutrition and mental health. Together they explore questions like: What is the relationship between fitness, nutrition and mental health? How come gay men are so concerned about physical health and appearance? How does this obsession with appearance impact

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Sex Positivity

Your sexuality is yours, and how you express it is the fun of life. But for so many of us, sex is wrapped up in shame. In this episode, Michael has a candid conversation with special guest, Mike Iamele, about sex positivity and sexual confidence. Together, they explore: Michael also volunteers to have his sensitivities

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