Introduction to Breathwork

In this episode, Matt Landsiedel speaks with certified SOMA Breath breathwork instructor Jason Samadhi.

Jason takes us on a journey into the power of breathwork and how consciously connecting with your breath can be one of the most potent tools for healing. By sharing the science of breathwork, Jason teaches us about the health benefits of working with your breath and how it can be used to improve performance both in and out of the bedroom.

Jason then takes us on an hour long breathwork journey that will leave you feeling expansive and blissful. You do not want to miss this episode! 

What is explored in this episode:

  • The science of breath 
  • The health benefits of breath
  • How to achieve peak performance using breathwork
  • The sexual benefits of breathwork 
  • Proper breathing technique 
  • 45 minute guided breathwork practice 


Breathwork is NOT advised if you have a known cardiac arrhythmia (including very slow heart rate), a history of heart block, or are taking certain antipsychotic medications. Please review and acknowledge the Breathwork Liability Waiver

Recommended Book: “Multi-Orgasmic Man” by Mantak Chia

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Welcome to the gay men going deeper podcast, a podcast by the gay men’s brotherhood, where we talk about everything, personal development, sexuality, and mental health. Today, we are joined by Jason samadhi. Welcome. Thank you. Hello. So today we’re gonna be talking about breathwork. I am extremely excited to talk about this. I’ve had a lot of profound experiences with breathwork and Jason has been part of the gay men’s brotherhood community.

Well, for a long time now. So we are excited to have you here and for you to share your wisdom on breathwork. So Jason’s going to introduce us to breath work. We’re going to go through a breathwork exercise. He’s going to take us through a journey which is going to be pretty awesome. And to give you an idea of what this podcast will entail,

we’re going to go through, Jason’s going to talk to us a little bit about his story, how he got into this. We’re going to talk about the health benefits of breath, work, the science of breath and how breath can be used to help us move energy, move emotions, connect to our authenticity, all the, all the yummy stuff. So,

and then we’re going to talk a bit about peak performance and sexual benefits and how breath can help us with our performance, both in and out of the bedroom. And then he’s going to teach us the breathing technique that he teaches. And then we’re actually going to go through a breathwork thing. He’s going to take me through, well, he’s going to take us through a breathwork exercise that you’ll be able to keep revisiting,

coming back to and using as an opportunity to on your, on your own healing path. Then we’re going to do a meditation and we’re going to do a bit of a sharing at the end. I’ll be able to share a bit about my experience, what it looked like, what it felt like to go through this. So yeah, we have a jam packed experience for you guys today.

And before we jump in, I want to just introduce formerly introduced Jason. He is a samadhi breath facilitator and in Selma breath, Soma breath. Sorry. I’m a breath. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s a stoma breath. Facilitator is a resident of Puerto Vallarta and recent transplant from Playa Del Carmen. An ex-pat from California. Jason has been living in Mexico for the last four and a half years.

While living in Mexico, Jason has experienced several ancestral plant medicines. Finally, Jason realized that the breath brought him to the most potent medicine available within each of us, which is the breath feeling called to share his medicine with the world. Jason became a certified stoma breath, breath work instructor with breathwork. You can release pain, shame, guilt, numbness,

and even ecstatic feelings of laughter pleasure, joy, surrender, and love. And this is exactly why you’re here. We want all of that. So, yeah. Welcome. We had an opportunity to, to meet in-person or I guess virtually just last week and the energy was really beautiful. I love our connection. It’s really, really tasty and we’re very similar people bringing similar medicine into the world.

So I’m just really honored that you’re taking time out of your day to come onto the podcast and share your medicine with our community. Yeah. Yeah. Why don’t you maybe start by just sharing a little bit about yourself. Anything that you think is important for the audience to know about you? Okay. Well, I, you kinda covered some of the main points.

I think I want to go back to sort of, when I left the United States five years ago, I came down, started traveling with my, my dog, my golden retriever, and I really had no plan, no destination. I had kind of had my dark night of the soul. If you will, a couple of years earlier and sort of had explored meditation at that point.

And when I got to play Del Carmen, which kind of was a fluke, it was supposed to be, it sort of happens down here you go for one week, it becomes two. Then you meet somebody. It becomes a year. You break up, you have a year of painful. What was me? Why am I having this experience? Breakdown that brought up all of that.

For me, it brought up my childhood dramas and traumas. It brought up my I’m, the survivor of child sexual molestation. I’m not a victim. I’ve not felt that way for a very long time, but that mentality stuck with me. And when we broke up, which I won’t go into the details, it’s not important, but it triggered everything.

It brought it all up. And so I was just that first year after my second year in Playa Del Carmen, I was in a fog. I barely, I had this very vague memory of that year. I had a wonderful apartment. I could hear the ocean from my apartment of strangely and early in the morning. It was beautiful, was such a blessing,

but I couldn’t remember most of it. And then Domino’s fell into place. A friend of mine said, Hey, there’s this Sharman. He’s going to be coming through doing an Iowa OSCA ceremony. I tried to go the first time nothing worked. And, and in fact I was on my way down to Billy’s for what we call a border run, 6.6

months or 180 days had expired. And I needed to renew my visa. It’s a little bit harder to do that down here these days. But the point is it all went wrong. It went way wrong. And I got on the bus and there’s a little magical story sitting next to me, the whole ride back to Playa Del Carmen was this old abuela,

his grandmother. And she was just like this against the window. Super sweet, super quiet. And about three-quarters of the way we were getting into chill room, which is just an hour south of Playa Del Carmen. We get into the bus stop there and she gets out her iPhone puts in her earphones. And I swear to God, it starts rocking out to Mexican rock music,

top river with voice. And then she finishes the song, puts her ear phones away. I kid you not. I was like, that’s not a sign. I don’t know what it is, but I didn’t see it as that at the time. So I went, had the opportunity. I went over to Marietta to do the Iowasca. I had a very intense experience.

I don’t know if you’ve done Iowasca plant medicines. Before I had to do the purge. I had to go through the emotional. It was, it brought up everything, fear, all of it. And I went through my Iowasca journey. My first one, it was a two night, a weekend ceremony. And then when I got back to the hotel or the Airbnb that I know I was staying at,

forgive me, I was staying at a hostel and in our room, my room, cause I had my dog with me. I’d have my own room. There was this picture of an avoidable grandmother on the way she looked just the same and me still being on the medicine, the picture started moving and I was like, okay, dots connected. I got the sign.

So that was kind of my introduction, introduction to sort of the, the ancestral medicine and which is a big part of the culture down here. And it’s, it’s not a part of the culture that I think most people recognize is that healing has old healing work, traditional ancestral stuff. It comes from the Mayans. It comes from the Aztecs. It’s ingrained in the culture.

And you know, oftentimes when you get sick down here, they’re not going to say, oh, go to the doctor, go use your health insurance. Right? They’re going to say, here’s this tea recipe. It’s got Kirk coma. It’s got cinnamon, it’s got a ginger. It’s got I’ll hope garlic. My Spanish was kick good. And I call it magic tea.

And I learned this when I was at my Iowasca ceremony, which is you, you make the cheese mixture and then you, before you even drink it, you basically pray and meditate to the T. So in other words, you’re verbally energetically giving the T your intention. And I don’t know if you know the, the work of Dr. Soto. I can’t remember.

He was the one where he talked to the water and it changed the molecular structure and it made the beautiful patterns. Yeah, it’s the same kind of, so you talked to the water, you give it your intention, you cleansing the water with your intention, and then you, you meditate on it for about three set, three minutes, and then you can drink it.

And every time I’ve ever gotten sick, I make my magic tea. And it’s just part of the culture down here. Yeah. So after I did the Iowasca, I realized I have a deep respect for my Iowasca Sharman that I go to. His name is Oscar Valdez. He has the most amazing music. His medicine is incredible. I trust him implicitly.

And you know, you know where the showroom and you, you have to feel trust. You have to, because they gotta be able to guide you and hold space and bring you back. Right. And I love his work, but the thing is, is that I wanted to try different things. And a friend of mine who, the one who introduced me to the Iowasca contacted me one day and he said,

Hey, there’s this woman here in Playa. She’s gonna her name’s Mariposa. She’s gonna do a breathwork ceremony. I’ve already done one. You’ve got to come try this out. And so I, I went and, you know, at this point, like, especially living in here, here in Mexico, like I’m Mexican Greenville local now. Like I’m just,

I’m not afraid to try new things and look funny, silly doing it. And anybody who’s going to be watching this is going to see that today because what do I have to lose? If I don’t get silly and goofy, I’m not going to let my energy out. And no one’s going to really see who I really am. So I just got into this breathing and I was just like breathing into it,

breathing into it. And now I got to tell you, my very first experience, I had this very emotional, traumatic feeling was coming up. And it was like, but it wasn’t, it wasn’t mine. I just, it was very emotional. It was very visceral. It was mine, but it wasn’t mine. And suddenly I had this vision of gay men dying of aids.

And I felt all this pain, but I didn’t feel their pain. I felt the pain of the community. And the, you know, as well as I do part of our history in this gay community is that we, especially older men that survived the aids, pandemic, carry the survivors sometimes, or carry the survivors guilt. Right. And all of that emotion.

And I lived in Palm Springs before I came to Mexico. So I was around that older community. And I was informed by that. And it all came up and it was just so emotional. It was in. And then finally I had to raise my hand and when they came over, because I couldn’t, my breathing just suddenly became super shallow. And I was like,

I was just hyperventilating. She calmed me down. Her sister did Reiki. They brought me down. And suddenly we did our last retention, which I’ll explain in a second. And suddenly I had this vision of all these gay men. They were on the clouds having this tea dance. They were Jewish and joyful and so blissful and so happy. And one of them looked down,

he connected with me. He said, Jason, we came to earth in our time to have our experience, to teach the world just a little bit more about love. And now we’re here, we’re celebrating. So you can let that go now. And suddenly I read this and I was like, holy crap. If I can have this kind of experience,

like I did an Iowasca just breathing, I would assign me up. Right. So I went to another breath, work ceremony with Mariposa and then another one. And then she had a three-day retreat that I went to the story, the dialogue, all of it was connected. You know how it is, is like the it’s all related. Right. And it was profound.

It was emotional. It was very sensual. Her medicine is very feminine energy. She, she works more with the divine feminine and I, it was just, it was wonderful. My inner goddess wanted to just dance and sing. I was like, ah, and then COVID happened, PJ COVID COVID happened. And I, I, I got hit hard by COVID emotionally the,

the depression, the anxiety. So all of that stuff that I had worked, all that had done, I had to deal with it again. You know, what’s amazing about this process is you think you’ve cleaned out some energy and you’re like, Nope, there’s still some shit down that pardon my language down there that needs to be brought up. And so here I am stuck in my house in Playa Del Carmen with my dog.

And I’m like, what am I going to do with my time? You know? And, and I connected with her except she was down in Guatemala and we were going to, she was going to help me. She was going to teach me her technique were spirit two or more. And then I got a call from her. She said, I’m going on a three week silent retreat.

I’m at hope what I need you. And she said, here’s the link to soba breath. Fortunately, at that time I had a, a good job from my old career. And so I signed up, I do get a Soma breath certification, which is what she got trained in. And, and it, it took me a little while to kind of get into it,

but because I chose the self study program, but what else was I gonna do? Right. So that was my lockdown project was getting certified. And Once I finally dove in, it took me about two weeks. I had another friend at the same time. He was in the same situation, the one who got me to the breath work originally, and the iOS guy,

his name is your gut. He, he decided to dive into it. So we kind of had a friendly brotherly competition, like who could get done first and certified. And we literally got certified the same weekend mine. I had to get certification in Spanish because my friend that was staying with me at the time, Columbia didn’t understand if I guided in English as well.

So I had to actually record my certification video in Spanish. And so I do occasionally try to get over my fear of Spanish. I’m pretty good in the language and facilitate in both languages, which I’m supposed to do this week. But I think one of the things you said you wanted to talk about was the health benefits and this, and the science behind breath work.

And one of the things that I really love about Selma breath and, you know, there’s Wim, Hoff, there’s Holly or topic, there’s shamonic breath work. There’s all these different techniques. First of all, all breath work. Its origin comes from India. It’s pranayama, it’s, it’s, it’s rhythmic, deep breathing. And when you slow your breath,

which I’m not doing in this exact moment is when you slow your breath. And if we can regulate our breath where we’re breathing slowly in through the nose, and you can do this with me while I’m explaining this, it’s good reminder for us to be present in our breath always. But when you do that, slow breathing in through the nose, you,

first of all, you’re cleaning the oxygen on the way in. And if we can slow our breath on the inhale to the point where we’re breathing five to six breaths a minute. So that’s more like about four to five seconds in almost six seconds in six seconds out the mouth, right? When you do that, slow breathing, that has so much implication on your health,

physical emotion and even spiritual. So for example, physically, you’re bringing in all of that oxygen. And oftentimes we hear for example, that of, you know, breast cancer and prostate cancer, all these cancers, right? And oftentimes what do the traditional doctor solution is? They just removed the body part. Not always, sometimes they do certain treatments such as what’s the treatment for cancer,

Right? And I actually a client who is going, went through something like this. And she was looking for alternatives to compliment not to replace her, her work with her doctor. And I don’t ever advise this as a replacement for any, if you, if you are working or, or using, working with a doctor, continue what you do. If they believe it’s going to help you.

But I also believe that on the cellular level, the cell needs oxygen. It needs food and it needs a healthy environment. And when you slow down and you do deep breathing, just the act of being conscious and slowing down the breath, because you’re consciously cleansing the breath through the nose and then the oxygen into the body, and then slowing down the breath that moves you instantaneously within three minutes,

moves you from fight or flight to rest and digest otherwise known as it moves you from the sympathetic over to the parasympathetic nervous system. And the really cool thing about the human body is that it can only do one or two things. In other words, when you’re in fight or flight, which also is kind of the normal bang beta brainwave state that we operate in daily,

it’s where we’re kind of at you and I are both there right now. We’re always sort of in our awake state, in the beta brainwave, but because of our ding ding, ding technology and the craziness that is low, the daily life, we’re often like I’m doing, because I’m nervous on a video call, right? Like I’m not super conscious of my breath because I’m trying to hold all this stuff in my head and share it with you.

But when we become conscious of our breath and we slow down, it moves us into that parasympathetic. And that immediately when we’re in fight or flight, this is what I started to explain. The body is sending the brain is sending out chemicals to the body that is in protection preservation and defense mode, right? And, and it’s such a subconscious thing that we’re not even aware of some of the mechanics of what the body’s doing,

but when you slow down, you get into that parasympathetic nervous system that moves you into that rest and digest and that calm state. And that is when, especially you’re going to experience this during the breath work today, that’s when the magic happened and it’s a normal function of the body. When we get into the parasympathetic nervous system, we get into heart and mind coherence,

and the heart has these. There’s a word for it. Brain-like cells in the heart and the heart out a bigger vibration than the brain. And when it communicates, because most of the communication goes from the heart to the brain when that happens. And those two things get into coherence and the heart sending up those coherent signals to the brain, the brain switches over,

and it starts to release melatonin, serotonin dopamine. And here’s the real fun man, a DMT. If you do rhythmic breathing, especially when you go into intermittent hypoxia, which is the exhale breath holds. In other words, you’re releasing all of that oxygen out of the lungs, the limbic system, part of the brain. This is the reptilian part of the brain.

It’s part of Lansing breathe. Undying saves me. No, you’re fine. You’ve got oxygen in your blood and everything’s fine. But when you do this breath work, when you do the rhythmic breathing, you’re building up the energy. You’re also bringing in all that oxygen, which is creating that clean environment for the cells. You’re giving them oxygen. You’re also kind of feeding them the other part of this that we’re not going to have enough time to talk about is food and diet guilty on not covering this one.

I love my comfort food, but all of those things matter. And what’s really cool about breath work, depending on the breathing technique. If you can get into that parasympathetic rest and digest, calm state, there’s a bright, a spin, very specific breathing technique where you can do counts of four and on the inhale eight or the exhale you do that without pause for about three minutes.

That’s a very, very easy way to go into meditation. It’s also a very easy way just before bed. I have a question for you. Do you know the worst time of the day for you to the worst time of the day for your breathing? Hmm. I’m going to say maybe morning, A little earlier than that while you’re sleeping. So that technique I just gave you,

if you do that first thing in the morning, if you get up, do you do a, at all kind of, kind of in a gratitude ritual when you wake up in the morning? Yeah. So if you bring awareness to your breath during that, you regulate the breath and you you’re literally telling the body because you probably say this in your gratitude.

I am going to have X kind of day. You set the tone for your day. When you do this with your breathing. First thing in the morning, you’re telling the body, the subconscious part of the body, as well as the purchase part of the brain, the cellular part of the brain, how you want to start day. So this is why I adopted this philosophy.

And I believe in this so much is I believe you are your own medicine. I believe you create your own reality and you know what? You might as well freaking create a life you love. So Why not do that? Using what you have with you all the time right now, admittedly, as a breathwork facilitator, I am not teaching you anything you don’t already know.

I’m just teaching you what collectively as a humanity, we forgot. He’s known as our ancestors have known this for thousands of years, they also knew something really cool. Are you ready for this? You are asking about this. And then you’ve mentioned it in the intro. This is connected to our sexual energy. And then in other words, it’s connected to what you could call our creative life force energy.

This has to do with the shocker it’s now, depending on who you get breath work from. For example, when Dr. Joe Dispenza does breath work, you’re very rarely going to hear him talk about the shock rates. He’ll say you’re taking an electrical charge from, from your lower part of your body. And you’re moving that electrical charge up the vagus nerve.

And you want to basically hit these little crystals that are on the bottom of the penial gland. And when that happens, that electrical charge that pushes up there, and that’s what releases the DMT. That’s the science side of it. The Wuhu say of saying is, so basically you’re taking that creative life force energy. And I’ll explain to you in the,

when we do the breathing technique, how, but basically you’re squeezing that energy up. You’re moving up through the shockers first, you’re grounded to the earth. That’s why we start by setting an intention. You take that creative life force, energy, your sexual energy, right? And if, if you’re heterosexual and you’re making a baby for men, that energy,

when we evacuate goes out right to create life And as gay men, and usually as men, when we just want to masturbate, we want to release that energy, right? What’s the feeling you have after you’ve done that Relaxed And Satisfied. Yeah. And probably tired, at least for a little bit Relaxed and fatigued. I kind of experienced those kinds of similar.

Yeah. Yeah. And if you’ve had really, really good sex with, I got like really good sex with a guy, one or both of you is like, I got to go to sleep. There’s a reason for that. It’s because literally out of the testicles, you’ve just released all of that energy. And the body instantly goes right in there and it’s like,

okay, let’s rebuild. It’s got to rebuild that energy. And so imagine if you have developed, for example, a, an addiction to sex or in your constantly, there’s no problem with that by all means. Enjoy your sexual life. All aspects of it. Incorporate your sexuality into your spirituality, please. That’s wholeness. You know, we’re taught as gay men.

You could be gay, but leave that party with the door. No, no, no, no. Integrated all in. Please have a problem with that jacket. Get your heart out. The Egyptians believed that was a great way to release energy, negative energy. So I’m not big on holding. Ejaculations that being said, if you separate the evacuation from the orgasm,

and this comes from a book called the multi-orgasmic man sitting on my mantle, that’s why I looked over and they believe that. Yeah. Montauk, chia, great book might look at that in the liner notes later, I’ll send you the link. Okay? When you separate the evacuation from the orgasm and you do rhythmic breathing and you do, what’s called a Moolah bond,

a lock, and all this is is just an energy lock. And you can do this. You can try this right now. It’s super easy. Just imagine you have to go to the bathroom, but there’s no bathroom in your house for miles. So usually squeegee, like I got to go, we’re going to go with that. Someone to lock,

that’s it. You’re squeezing your genitals. You’re squeezing your sphincter. Your them. You’re like, oh no, to go to the bathroom, but you can’t go. That’s it. That’s all you’re doing super easy. That’s a mulabandha lock. It’s one of the three primary energy logs can never remember the other two. Forget where the second one, the third one’s in the throat or get to that in a second.

But when you do that, mulabandha lock you do it during the inhale, you’re basically pumping up. You’re squeezing up that electrical energy. You’re moving the electrical charge of the Vegas. So if you’re not creating life and you don’t add Jackie slate, when you hold that energy in, you’re creating something. So why not create something you want, maybe something you want to release something you want to heal something you want to manifest.

So you move that energy up through the chakras, through the Vega, through up the Vegas, nerve up the spine, into the heart center, heart centers, our area of love and compassion. It’s also our area of presence. Not presentations. It’s perseverance. Well, I mean, it’s, it’s what part of the body that this part of the body sustains us,

right? It’s our lungs and our heart. They operate 24 7, always keeping us going. The heart’s pumping blood through the system and the lungs keeping us breathing, whether we are conscious of it or not. Those, the whole system is always operating, right? And then you move that energy up here. And that’s when we move it through the throat,

this is our area of communication, which is connected to ears and the voice, it’s the Madonna part of the chakras express yourself. Right? So when we work on that shocker, that’s when we get more confident, more powerful, and then you move it into the midbrain, the third eye, the pineal gland, right? And that’s the part of the brain where our intellect is,

are where our ability to take the critical and the artistic and interweave. And that creates then the whole brain coherence, the brain becomes more coherent. And then finally, when we move that energy all the way to the top, well, before I leave the pineal gland, of course, this is the seed of the soul. So this is where we start to have,

especially when we, we release things like the healing chemicals, including the DMT. It’s when you’re doing that breath, holding, you’re pulling that energy up and it goes into the third eye. That’s when you can have a blissful experience. In fact, when you have an orgasm and usually during really good sex, what do we always say? Oh my God,

oh my God. Oh my God. There’s a reason for that because we’re literally connecting to divine the divine within you. And the woo part of me believes that God dwells in you as you water, just water, God universe doesn’t matter what you want to call it. Right? So then you connect that energy to the crown, which connects it to the source to source divine source source in you,

of you as above so below as within. So without, and this is where the law of one, this becomes, and it’s through this kind of work, especially with discipline, not discipline, but devotion, and really committed to this work. And you keep doing it. It’s much, much easier to get into that flow state, that loving state,

that one oneness harmony, because you’re constantly keeping things in the body in that coherent parasympathetic nervous system. So it was a very long explanation of the science, the woo-hoo and the sexual energy, but the Montauk chia part, the multi-orgasmic part of this before I forget, is that when you do this, what’s possible is that if you hold that energy in and you use intention with intention,

that sexual energy, it is possible to have multiple orgasms, even as men and full body orgasms. It’s Pretty awesome. Now I will tell you as men, it’s a little more difficult for us, and there’s a reason for that because we have been culturally conditioned for thousands of years, just stimulate one part of the body for sexual pleasure, which is the tip of the penis.

And again, multi-orgasmic man is an excellent reference on this. The entire bow entire penis is a sexual organ. The entire body is a sexual organ. And you know, I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the right position or the right situation, and I’m just being caressed and touched on the arm, certain parts of my body, oh my God,

you can take new places and you never even got near my penis, right? It’s that whole body, but this is a great way to really connect with a whole body that as men, we’re not taught how to do this. So admittedly through my own experimenting and practicing, when I learned and I connected the dots, I was like, Ooh, mine.

Because I was like, oh yeah, I remember that one time when I was having sex with that guy and I was holding my breath, I know what I was doing this in my twenties, but I really knew I enjoyed holding my breath. And you know, and there’s that moment when you get there, it’s, it’s like, if you keep going,

there’s no coming back. It’s going, you’re going to ejaculate. So it, this is where a book like multi-orgasmic man helps because he really explains really great techniques on how to pleasure and stimulate yourself and learn to control different ways to control so that when you start to get to orgasm, you know, to pull back and it takes, does take practice.

Right? So what we’re exploring today is really only the tip of the iceberg. No pun intended, excuse me. But also what I’ve learned is that when you do this, you do the rhythmic breathing and then you do the breath retention. You it’s possible that you could get an erection, you can get aroused, you can get stimulated, but especially if you haven’t been doing this,

you’re like trying to do the breathing. You’re trying to follow along. You’re trying to do the breath retention is you’re trying to overcome your fear with, it’s a bit much to try to stimulate during I’ve noticed. And for the guys that are watching this later is, you know, after you’ve done this journey, then try to stimulate yourself at the end,

without having an ejaculation and just see how long you can stay in that blissful state. And the longer that you can sustain that, then, then you’re, you’re just, you’re kind of just holding onto that ride. And, and you get into that. The body starts to have that orgasmic sensation. So it is quite magical. And if you’re doing it with a partner,

it can be a lot of fun. It’s a great way, especially if you’re using eye gazing, which is that, that great deep soul connecting technique, it’s a really great way to develop deeper intimacy, deeper connection, and, and just becoming more conscious of, and this is something I think as a lot of men, is that, you know,

to really be present of our partners experience, not just our own, but to be connected and there’s breathing techniques that you can do where you cycle the energy between this way and that way. So this direction is the masculine energy display is the feminism kinds of techniques, which is a bit much for today, but did I cover that well enough? Yeah.

Yeah. I feel, I feel like we’re recovered kind of the health, the science, the sexual benefits, the peak performance. Is there anything that you feel you want to touch on in that, or is that kinda, you feel you’ve covered it? I would say on peak performance, what are the really great things about breath work and, and,

you know, the health benefits that you know, everything from, you know, if you want to improve your performance at the gym, becoming more conscious of your breath, the same thing in yoga, also in the bedroom, the more present and conscious you are of the breath, more control of your breath, the benefits just are, they go across the board.

I’ve even heard of say, I’ve, I’ve heard it said that if you bring enough oxygen into the breath, into the system, you can reverse gray hair. I don’t know if it’s true yet, but also it’s possible to extend life. And there’s one more thing about all this. You can manifest healing in the body like that. Now, have I seen it firsthand witnessed it?

No I haven’t. But here’s what’s happening is that when you go into that exhale retention and you hold your breath on that exhale, you’re triggering the part of the brain. That’s saying, breathe, breathe, breathe. You’re telling the stem cells in the body. So the stem cells are the cells in the body that heal. And most of us they’re often doormen in,

for example, the bone marrow and parts of the body, this triggers them. So if your intention is physical healing, let’s say you’ve scratched and you’ve cut. You fall down and you hurt your knee and you have an injury. If you were to do breath work and set your intention on that wound, you could literally squeeze your knee while you’re doing the retention.

And you’re consciously telling the conscious brain is telling the subconscious and the body put all the energy there. So you’re directing the body where to move that energy and, and also where to send those stem cells. So when I say peak performance, like, yeah, you can improve your workout at the dream gym. If, if it’s pack day, you focus your energy,

you know, in, into your pectorals. And you’re doing conscious deep breathing. If you’ve done that, like you’re literally telling the mind is telling the body where to send the energy and anybody who works out in the gym knows this because it’s Peck day. So what do you focus your energy? And so you build up the muscle. This is my idea.

Yeah. Cool. Yeah, that sounds great. Are you ready Yet? We’re going to, you’re going to teach us the technique first. All Right. Let’s do it For everybody. Who’s watching. And I’m going to show this with you do this in this place where you won’t be disturbed for about an hour and wear something comfortable. Yoga style clothes is great.

If you’re home alone, do this nude. No one’s watching, or maybe it’s over. It is. Anyway. One thing I want to say to sort of interrupt with is make sure that you’re attending to people who are listening and watching, because a lot of the, our viewers, our listeners, they just listen on the podcast. So make sure that if you’re like just pointing at something,

you’d bring voice to that as well. So people know what you’re. Yeah. Thank you. Okay. So make yourself comfortable in your space for about an hour where you won’t be disturbed. And it’s very important that you feel safe because when you do this work, it’s possible that you can trigger emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages, energies, traumas,

all that stuff can come up. And so you need to feel safe. It’s really, really important. Now, when you’re doing breath work, you may feel, especially during the intermittent hypoxia, the exhale retention, you may have feel cramping in your hands, in your feet. You may feel tingling throughout the body. You may even have an orgasmic sensation.

And I would tell you when you’re in a group breathwork setting and someone next to you is having a really good time. It’s all normal. In fact, that’s part of the healing. So make sure that you’re in a safe space. Also, if you haven’t eaten the two hours before, you’re going to get the most out of the medicine, because if you’re still digesting the body’s using that energy somewhere else.

Okay. Now, when we do this first, let’s focus on the breath, Matt, you ready to get started? Okay? You can do this myself now. Not quite yet, cause you might have questions. So when you do this, you can either do it sitting or laying down. My personal preference is to lay down. I also invite you to just allow yourself to breathe with the full body and give yourself permission to go a little outside of your comfort zone.

When you breathe, try to always breathe in through the nose, fully into the nose, 30% into the belly, bringing the belly out. As you breathe in, put your left hand on your belly, right hand on your chest, breathe fully into the belly. Bring the belly out like a balloon and then exhaling out your mouth. And as you exhale,

bring your belly in pulling the belly button back. Okay? So let’s do this. Just a couple of rounds in fully into the belly. Exhale out your mouth fully in fully out, Iliad, belly out like a baby babies. Don’t have six pack. Abs just let it go. And back in now, put your hands on your ribs. Like an accordion.

This one’s a little hard one for me. So for those of you who can’t see, let’s see I’m right here like this. Can you see Matt? When you breathe in, expand out like an accordion, this is 60% of the breath is in the end of the lungs and then exhaling contracting back in, out In, in out one more in ouch.

Okay. Put your hands on your shoulders. This is the third part. This is the part we do all the time. This is a shallow breathing. You can just do this through the notes. It’s like this super easy. Okay. Now we’re going to bring it all together. And we’re going to add another layer called Tony. Tony is when you use your voice and what you’re doing,

what you’re doing when you’re using the voice is you’re literally giving vibration. Everything is energy. Everything is vibration. You’re using your body To Tone and vibrate, anything out and going back to the sexual experience when we’re having really good sex and we’re breathing, what are we doing? We’re Ah, We’re not even conscious. We’re doing it. And sex is probably one of the most healing activities that the body can experience.

So when you breathe, you’re going to breathe. What’s called a full Yogi breath fully into the belly, into the chest and the shoulders. So you can do this with me, just take a full breath in 30% into the belly, 16% expanding the chest, bringing back the shoulders and exhale and contract in and out. Now yoga teachers will tell you,

keep your spine spine straight as you’re doing this. So breathe in and then out in, out In 30%, 60% percent and exhale. I’m going to be honest with you when you’re doing the rhythmic breathing specially the first time and the breath retentions, it’s a lot to hold on to just breathe. Whatever feels comfortable, pick the parts that work and leave the rest behind until you get used to it.

Because the more you do this, the more you get used to it, you start experimenting, you start breathing with your whole body and start rolling your hips. Like you’re having sex. Like it’s like Jesus. Get into this because you just got to get comfortable with it. So the most important thing is breathing fully into the belly, into the chest,

into the shoulders, exhaling out your mouth with the sigh fully in this is called a cleansing breath fully out. Ah, let’s do one more fully out. Okay. So we’re going to do four rounds of rhythmic breathing today in the counts of four in four, out three in three, out two in two out one in one out. And I’ll guide you through the whole thing and just,

just do the best you can to focus on your breath. Okay? And then when we finished the breathing, breathing, it’s going to each round is going to be about five minutes. I’m going to tell you to take a full breath in and you’re going to squeeze them on a bhanda, which is squeezing your genitals. Like you got to go to the bathroom,

you’re going to breathe fully into the belly as much as you can. And then I’m going to say exhale, ah, and you can use a hiss like this. So, And when there’s no more hiss, there’s no more oxygen in the lungs. Okay. So you’re just, you know, hold on that exhale. That’s the intermittent hotter hypoxia. That is when the magic begins.

Okay. She going to hold on that. You’re in try to go out of your comfort zone, otherwise known as diving into your bliss. If you’re comfortable with deep breathing, they, most of the usually only scuba divers are good at this at the beginning. If you can hold, we’re going to do retention for about a minute, to a minute and a half today.

And if you get that urge to breathe, just but try to override the limbic system, trying to override the brain, you can wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes. You can count anything you can to go out of your comfort zone and hold on that exhale. Okay. And then after about a minute and half, I going to say, take a full breath in fully into the belly,

into the chest, into the shoulders. And then you’re going to hold on the inhale, squeezing the Mulabunda. When you can just squeeze your genitals, you can squeeze your stomach. You can squeeze your heart and squeeze the energy all the way, but most important to squeeze your genital, your sex, move up that creative energy. Okay, we’ll do that for about a minute,

minute and a half. And then I’ll have you just, ah, return to a normal breath and get ready for the next round. We’ll do that for four rounds. And then I’ll take you into a meditation. And in that meditation not have music, but it’s about nine or 10 minutes for you to really go inward and process. What just happened.

And like I said, it’s possible during this experience, something emotional can come up physical, come up. It’s also possible. You could just feel your bliss and just have a good time. So there’s no expectation here. Not for me. Don’t put any on yourself, just allow into this because every time you do this experience, just like anything else,

it will be different every single time. Okay. Matt, do you have any questions? No, I’m ready. Let’s do it. Alright. So make yourself comfortable. Kosher eyes. Start to bring awareness to your breath. Breathing fully into the belly, into the chest, into the shoulders, in, through the nose, out through the mouth, keeping your awareness on your breath.

And I invite you now just set your intention. Your intention can be anything you like can be physical, emotional, spiritual, not when you have your intention. Just raise your hand. That’d be my cue for us to get started. Excellent. Can hear the music. Okay. Bring your awareness to your breath in through the nose, fully into the belly individ chest and the shoulders.

Exhaling out the mouth with a sigh used toning fully in slowing down your breath, exhaling out your mouth, ready to breathe in rhythm fully in, fully out, fully out. Excellent, fully out. You’re ready to breathe and be fully in. Keep your awareness and presence on your body and on your breasts. 2, 3, 4, 3, 4 in 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4 in belly, chest and shoulders.

Exhale out with a sigh and 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4 in 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4, totally normal Dionne. Keep on breathing. You’re doing great. Out 2, 3, 4, and 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4 in 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4 through the nose valley trust and shoulders. Exhaling out with a CYA in 2, 3, 4 out two, three In full belly breath, exhale and relax in 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4, and 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4,

and 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4 In through the nose. Two, three out 2, 3, 2, 3 out two, three in two, three out, two, three in it was full belly, chest and shoulders. Exhale out with a sigh in your safe. You’ve got this. Keep on going, exhale and relax. Connect with your soul and yourself. Keep on breathing. You’re doing great.

Out two, three in two, three out, choose three in surrendering to the bliss, surrendering to your breath. Just allow don’t resist. Any of it is 2, 3, 2, 3 in two, three out two three in two, three out two, three and two, three out two, three is two, three out two, three in two, three out two,

three in two, three out to breathe in two, three out two, three. Good. Doing great. Keep on going out two, three and two, three out, two, three in surrender. Let go of whatever the brain’s trying to resist. Just breathe in, slow with the breath in to three out two, three in two out two in to out in two out two in two out two in two out two in two out chew,

chew out two in two, out two in out gesture, mouth in, out in, out in, out in, out, in and out. Push yourself. Keep on going. You’ve got this. You are so safe. Just let go and surrender. You’ve got this in out and keep on going. Just dive into your bliss out in, out in,

out and out in out. Get ready. Here we go. We’re going to go into our first retention. Push yourself. Here we go here out in hold. Squeeze them a little Vonda and exhale. Go into your exhale retention. Hold your breath on this. Exhale, your safe. You’ve got this divine being, having a human experience, allowing surrender.

Hold on this exhale. If you get that first grade should read. Remember, just take a little breath in, blow it back. We’ve got this. A little bit more holding surrender into this. You’ve got it now. Full breath in fully into the battle, into the chest, into the shoulders. Squeeze your genitals. Squeeze your sprinkler, your parent IAM.

Pull the molar band to energy up. Hold your breath on this inhale. You can breathe a little bit more into the belly, but keep one, just hold on. This. The magic happens. Pulling up that creative life force energy, bringing it up into the heart, giving your intention a lot of compassion to this life. This is your Soma,

your vehicle. You’ve got this. You are so safe. People holding, hold your breath. Any thoughts that come up, pay attention, the master, your breath, your master, your life. Hold on this. Get ready to breathe and rhythm. I invite you to dive a little deeper. This time, go a little further out of your comfort zone.

Here we go. We’re going to go into our next round of rhythmic beats and Chu three, four out 2, 3, 4 in through the nose. Out with your side has in fully into the valley chest and shoulders. Exhale and relax in 2, 3, 4, 2 3, 4 and 2, 3 4 out 2, 3, 4, and 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4, And 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4, and 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4 in 2, 3, 4, I’ll choose three,

Four And belly chest and shoulders, exhale and relax in full through the nose. Deep breath, exhale with a sigh in 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4 In two, three out two, three and two, three out two, three and two, three out two, three and two, three out two, three and two, three out two, three and two,

three out, two, three in breathing with a full body exhale and relax. And two, three out, two, three in, keep on going. You’ve got this, your safe surrender, relaxed and judicious. You’ve got it in two, three out two, three in two, three out two, three in true three out two, three and two,

three out two, three in two, three out two three in two, three out two, three and two, three out two, three and two, three out two, three and two, three out, two, three in full belly, chest and shoulders. Exhale out your mouth and Messiah in two, three out two, three in choo choo in two out two in two out two in two out two in two out two in two out two in two out to is out is out.

Just your meltdown. Noon out in, out in, push yourself. Keep on going. You’ve got this. You are. So since you are a divine being, you deserve to have the most blissful, enjoyable life. So breathe into this and just let it all go out in, out in, out in, out in, out in, out,

in and out in algebra in get ready. Here we go. We’re going to go into our breath retention in out full breath in hold. Squeeze them all. Avanda and exhale. Go into your exhale reach and hold your breath. Okay. Take a little breath in. Roll it back out. You were saying The under the chest into the shoulders. Hold your breath on the inhale,

squeeze them all about and pull up that creative life. Feel the bliss. Feel your medicine. Feel your magic. You have gotten this, hold your breath in the end. Pull up that sexual energy, that creative life working with it right up through the heart, into the throat, into your midbrain, connect to source and pegging next year, divine Get ready for our next round of rhythmic beat a little bit deeper this time.

We’re going to add a new layer to that. Just follow with my voice or in two, three squares, exhale and relax in two, three squares. Mulabandha exhale and relax in two, three squares, acts Ellen relaxed. Then how to, or how two, three or two? 3, 2 3, 2 3 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 3, 2, 3, 3. In through the nose, out with the mouth three and 3, 3, 2, 3, 3, 3.

She’s your own pharmacy. You’ve got this. This is your medicine, your chemistry from within and 3, 2, 3 Surrender and let go and allow whatever wants to be moved through the body. Yeah, 2, 3, 3, 2, 3, 3, 3, 2 To out in, out, out, out, out, out, out, out, out in and out in, out in, out, in and out in,

out in, out in out. And you’ve got this. Keep on going, breathe into this. Allow yourself to experience all of it. Just let everything go in. I’ll get ready. Here we go. We’re going to go into our rhythmic breath bridge engine out and out and here squares And we go into the chest into the shoulders. Hold your breath on this.

That’s what you’re doing. Great. And here we go. We’re going to go into a last round. Here we go. How, how, how Three dealing with the mouth. How well through the nose, exhale out the mouth here, regardless. You’re doing great. Keep on going, doing great. You are safe out to in who is who and who out in,

out in chill and too out in to just your mouth in, in, out, in, out, out, out, out, keep and going. You’ve got this. You are safe. Surrender into the breath. Keep on breathing. Keep on going in, out in out. Get ready. We’re going to go into our last retention. Here we go.

Out full breath then hold your breath. What’s your eyes closed. I invite you to slowly roll into a fetal position on your right side. Rolling curl up into a ball. If you’re seated, just remain seated for your eyes. Closed, drop your chin down to your chest. Your awareness on your body begin to wiggle your fingers, your toes. We invite you to give yourself a hug.

That means, however, that feels just that through my own arms, around your body, give yourself gratitude, gratitude for this your Soma vehicle. No one should rub your hands together. Start to create some friction, some feet. So in fact, you are your own Reiki master and the hands are an extension of the heart. So just put your hands on your body anywhere that you feel needs a little extra,

love, a little extra TLC. If you’re laying down, I invite you to easily bring yourself into a seated position with your eyes closed. You ready? Rub your hands together. Again, some heat, some friction going. I want you to place the Palm of your hands over your eyes, dropping your chin to your chest, and slowly drop your hands into your lap.

And as you open your eyes, just observe the first thing you see your body, yourself, your Selma, and welcome back that. Would you like to share? Wow. That was really, really cool. Thank you. I just want to first off to solve for your gratitude, because that was a really beautiful well-crafted yeah. You took me on her on a really beautiful journey.

So I’m almost feeling a little bit like whew, floaty. So yeah. Geez. My experience was right off the bat. I started to meet my perfectionist mind, which was like, oh, I got to get it right. Am I getting it on the right count? So am I squeezing my genitals hard enough? And it was like all this like inner judgment.

My mind was just going active and it, my mind did not want to engage in it in any way, shape or form, but my body was like, Hmm, this is so good. Keep going. So I just noticed that dualistic experience that I was having and a lot of resistance in my body. Like I felt it in my body, but I think it was coming from my mind.

And it was like just this angst of not wanting to be still. And, and then it turned into anger. There was a lot of anger and I felt like screaming actually a couple of times I didn’t, but I felt like screaming. And then when I felt that urge, I breathed out louder instead of screaming, I got like swirling energy in my body.

Like, it just kind of felt like there was like energy swirling. I felt lightheaded at times when we were holding our breath, there was a sensation that I had around like, like, cause I’m claustrophobic. And when I get claustrophobic, I get like, it feels like someone’s sitting on my chest and I felt that at times too. And it was almost like just a opportunity for me just to surrender,

just surrender to the sensations. And surprisingly my mind didn’t come into much. It did, but it didn’t come in as much as I thought it would’ve. I was able to settle in quite nicely, but the music was really beautiful. That helped a lot. It kind of put me in this like trance. Yeah. All in all, just a really great experience.

I’m going to be using this probably daily. Now I’ll keep it on my, you know, open on my podcast app. So that way I can do it in the morning, I think, or at night, and just kind of really start connecting with my breath because I know there’s a lot there for me to do in this space. So thank you so much.

You’re very welcome. So a couple things that are important, drink, lots of water G and the other thing is B extra is especially you, because I know you’re a sensitive, be very gentle on your shelf today. There is a lot going on inside right now. Literally those stem cells are moving. There’s healing that that’s happening actively in the body.

So just be a little more aware, a little more kind and gentle with yourself. For those of you who are watching, I suggest, I don’t know Matt, your preference, but try not to drink any alcohol for about the next six hours at least. And just really be present with yourself also tonight, before you go to bed, it doesn’t hurt to write anything up.

You know, just like ancestral medicine. This medicine is, is meant to be the activator. It’s you integrating your experience afterwards? So, you know, things that may have come up during this without answer may resolve themselves later. So just be present and conscious. And then ma I forgot to mention a health disclaimer at the beginning, which I’m going to send you.

Can you please put it in the notes, which is if you have any problems with deep breathing, I should have said this at the beginning. Do you have any problems, lung problems or our heart Rhythmia problems, anything like that? When you do the breath retentions, even just breathe normal. Okay. So put that in the liner notes. I’ll send it to you afterwards.

Sounds good. Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. Great. Well, thank you so much. And I want to give you a little bit of tire time to be able to promote what you’re doing, because I believe so strongly in what you’re doing. I believe you hold a key to elevating the consciousness and the healing of our community. And I really, really want people to reach out and access your services.

So can you give us a little bit of a rundown on, you know, all that work? Where can we find you? Do you have any offers promotions going on right now that people can courses events, anything just load us up? I do. In fact, I have something that I have to be honest was initially created in part, because I was inspired by the gay men’s brotherhood.

Also as a gay man, it’s important for me to share this information with our community. I recognize that we have sex addiction, alcohol, drug addiction, all of those things exist in our community. And yes, our heterosexual counterparts, we’re all human. We all go through this stuff. Unfortunately in our community, we’re a little more susceptible to this and it’s part of the coming out process as part of becoming self aware and integrating wholeness into our life.

So I actually created over the last two years, three breath work. Meditation is very similar to this on three different intentions. One is on gay men’s health and wellness. The other one is on gay men’s self care. And the final one is called sacred sexuality or sacred, excuse me, sacred sexual energy. I put all that together. It’s called the gay men’s Contra breath work.

And I want to preface that as a spiritual person, I have complete understanding that Contra is a full lifestyle. It’s not just what we have in Western culture. The juicy part, right? It is juicy as, and it is important. Our sexuality and sexual energy is super important. Tantra is a whole lifestyle thing, and this really applies more to that tantric thinking.

So it’s called the gay men’s tantric breath work. I put the link in the notes for you. I’ve also created a discount specifically for the gay men’s brotherhood. I think it’s, it’s 10% off for the package and the link. And I believe that is that offer is good through the end of the month. I am Jason samadhi. It’s somebody

I also have one-on-one personal sessions that I offer both online, via zoom, or if you happen to be important, please by all means, come and visit me. But I do offer in-person sessions. And then finally, once a month, I give a two hour breathwork ceremony here at a place called Tara no-blame. And we have my next one. By the time this podcast comes out,

we’ll already have passed, but I usually do once a month. And that’s about a two hour ceremony, very similar what we did today, but it’s in a group setting and a group environment experience. We have that collective energy and you kind of feed off the group. But again, I want to re-emphasize one more important thing that I said, really drink lots of water.

Get, or just lots of self care today. Cause there’s a lot going on inside, especially you right now. I almost feel high. Yeah, you’ve done your job. That’s high. That’s the thing I want to say this. I wish I could communicate this better to people. Is that yeah. By all means, if you like to go to the party and you like to have the Fiesta and those artificial highs,

do your thing. Not mine, not my preference, but this is a high isn’t it Not? And it comes from within it’s your medicine. I just guide. Yeah. Well thank you for the journey. Everything he just said is going to be in the show notes. I’ll make sure all the links are there and I’m going to be purchasing this combo pack and I’m excited to get started.

So let’s do this. Excellent. All right, thanks again for taking the time to come in and teach us this. Wait a minute. Don’t go yet. Don’t go just yet. You have to stand up. There’s one more Thing. Stand up. Yes you do. We both do. And then you can end this whenever want, but it’s kind of important.

So Matt, here’s the thing is you just got a whole lot of gringo, local Jason energy. I just got some Matt energy, which is wonderful energy, but you got to get back into your own. So just shake a little shake, shake, shake, shake JJ cheeks and let it all out. That’s it. That’s all I got for you.

But I was going to do that when I, when I got up anyway. So thank you. You’re welcome. All right. I just love brother much love.

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