Coming Out to Family

Coming Out to Family

For many LGBTQ+ people, coming out to family is a pivotal moment and significant step toward self-acceptance and living authentically. However, regardless of your age, coming out to family members can be extra challenging due to cultural reasons, family dynamics, and a fear of not being accepted. 

Even once we have come out to our family members, we must navigate the delicate balance of how much access we give them into our gay lives, including our intimate relationships. In this episode, we’ll be exploring these questions and more: 

  1. How did you come out to your family?
  2. How open are you with your family about your sexuality and love life?
  3. What tips would you offer someone who is considering coming out to their family?

Listen in as we recount moments of fear, courage, and vulnerability in our pursuit of authentic self-expression and acceptance. 

If you or someone you know is looking for support, see the resources below or contact us at [email protected]


Coming Out Guide (for parents):

Coming Out to Your Parents (for LGBTQIA+):
Trevor Project: Coming Out Handbook –

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