The Core Wound of Growing Up Gay

In this episode, Matt Landsiedel and Theo Bill have a heartfelt conversation about the struggles and joys of being a gay man. They discuss the core wounds of growing up gay, the impact this has on the gay community, and what we can do to start to heal these wounds. 

We explore these topics in the episode:

  1. The wounds gay men may experience in their development 
  2. Toxic Shame
  3. Attachment trauma 
  4. Gay men and spirituality
  5. What advantages do we have as gay men 
  6. Some things we can do to start healing our wounds
  7. Sensitivity  

The GoHigher Summit (hosted by Theo) is about elevating the rainbow community by finding the gift of growth and healing that resides within each of us. 30+ speakers shared their life stories, lessons and experiences – all to empower, elevate, and educate! It is a place to celebrate our diversity and unique culture, but also to learn how we can more easily expand our identity beyond our wounds.

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