Aging is an inevitable part of life, but we each have a unique relationship with it. Some of us embrace it with open arms and don’t buy into the idea of a “gay death” at a certain age. Others struggle with aging and cling to our youth and relevance as each year passes. In this …

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Age Discrimination Panel

It’s a sad reality that older gay men face stereotypes about their attractiveness, desirability, or relevance as they age.  Age discrimination, or ageism, can result in feeling isolated, undervalued, and even invisible.  In today’s episode, we are having a panel discussion about age discrimination with 3 of our community members.  We’ll cover topics such as: …

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Intergenerational Relationships

In a youth-obsessed culture, it’s easy to overlook the benefits of aging and the wisdom that only comes with lived experience. Including people of different generations in your social circle helps enrich our community and improves quality of life for everyone involved. Yet there are many stigmas attached to intergenerational (or “age-gap”) relationships, especially the …

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