Secure Relationships

Relationships have a natural rhythm between feeling connected to your partner, and other times feeling disconnected from them. Each end of the spectrum can trigger different fears: the fear of being too close and/or the fear of abandonment. Understanding attachment styles helps you see how these fears show up in your relationships. In this episode,

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Love, Intimacy & Connection: Vol. 2

In this juicy and personal episode, Michael is letting you take a behind-the-scenes peek into his relationship with his partner, Star. While vacationing in Mexico, they are opening up about the lessons learned after one year together. Specifically, they’re talking about relationship dynamics including conflict, intimacy, and communication.  They’ll be answering questions such as: This

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Your Questions Answered on Non-Monogamous Relationships

About Today’s Show In this episode, Michael welcomes back special guest, Craig Cassey, to answer your questions about gay relationships, sex, and monogamy. Our episode on Non-Monogamous Relationships generated quite a bit of discussion, so today we are responding back to some of your juiciest comments and questions, such as: Join us for yet another

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