Libido, or sex drive, is our natural instinctual inclination for sexual activity. Libido varies person to person and fluctuates over time.  It’s not uncommon for men to put a high value on their sex drive, especially if they associate it with their masculinity and self-esteem.  In this episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, Michael welcomes […]

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Purity Culture 2.0

Whether you are aware of it or not, Purity Culture has influenced social norms around sex and relationships for centuries by attempting to repress sexual expression and label it as ‘sinful.’  Even though society has evolved, so too as Purity Culture. It continues to have a harmful impact on the queer community by influencing policy

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Love, Intimacy & Connection: Vol. 2

In this juicy and personal episode, Michael is letting you take a behind-the-scenes peek into his relationship with his partner, Star. While vacationing in Mexico, they are opening up about the lessons learned after one year together. Specifically, they’re talking about relationship dynamics including conflict, intimacy, and communication.  They’ll be answering questions such as: This

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Sex Positivity

Your sexuality is yours, and how you express it is the fun of life. But for so many of us, sex is wrapped up in shame. In this episode, Michael has a candid conversation with special guest, Mike Iamele, about sex positivity and sexual confidence. Together, they explore: Michael also volunteers to have his sensitivities

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About Today’s Show In this episode, Matt explores the topic of Demisexuality with fellow brothers Carlos, Ron and Andre. All 4 men identify as demisexual and they candidly break down what it’s like to be demisexual in the gay community and the benefits and challenges of honouring this truth. Here are some of the questions

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