Bathhouses and Cruising

Long before the days of Grindr and the internet, the gay scene was largely underground. Gay and bi men had to find creative ways to connect in discreet, yet relatively safe spaces.   For many, the locals baths – or bathhouses- were a sanctuary where you could be yourself and meet other guys who were …

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Sexual Empowerment

Sex is a natural part of the human experience yet many people sense a lot of shame and insecurity around the topic. In this episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, we want to help you become more sexually empowered. We will be discussing things like…   What does sexual empowerment mean to you? What makes …

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Love, Intimacy & Connection: Vol. 2

In this juicy and personal episode, Michael is letting you take a behind-the-scenes peek into his relationship with his partner, Star. While vacationing in Mexico, they are opening up about the lessons learned after one year together. Specifically, they’re talking about relationship dynamics including conflict, intimacy, and communication.  They’ll be answering questions such as: This …

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Sex Positivity

Your sexuality is yours, and how you express it is the fun of life. But for so many of us, sex is wrapped up in shame. In this episode, Michael has a candid conversation with special guest, Mike Iamele, about sex positivity and sexual confidence. Together, they explore: Michael also volunteers to have his sensitivities …

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About Today’s Show In this episode, Matt explores the topic of Demisexuality with fellow brothers Carlos, Ron and Andre. All 4 men identify as demisexual and they candidly break down what it’s like to be demisexual in the gay community and the benefits and challenges of honouring this truth. Here are some of the questions …

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How We Express Our Sexuality

About Today’s Show In today’s episode, we jump into discussing conscious sexuality and how we navigate our own sexualities as individuals. How do we enjoy the fun of a hookup without feeling empty or lonely after? How do we shed ourselves of any shame we have around being intimate with other men? We answer these …

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