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The Anxious Gay Mind

In this episode, Michael and Pepper of The Gay Good are exploring the unique stressors that contribute to anxiety in the lives of gay men.  They’re sharing personal experiences, coaching tools, coping mechanisms, and insights on how we can support each other through the challenges of anxiety.  Some of the topics we cover in today’s […]

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Expressing Your Masculinity

Gay culture has historically idolized traditional masculinity in the context of societal norms, which includes traits like physical strength, assertiveness, and stoicism.  But we must remember that there isn’t a single, fixed definition of masculinity. While some embrace traditional concepts of masculinity, others may lean towards more non-conforming presentations.  Lately, there has been a growing

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Libido, or sex drive, is our natural instinctual inclination for sexual activity. Libido varies person to person and fluctuates over time.  It’s not uncommon for men to put a high value on their sex drive, especially if they associate it with their masculinity and self-esteem.  In this episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, Michael welcomes

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Aging is an inevitable part of life, but we each have a unique relationship with it. Some of us embrace it with open arms and don’t buy into the idea of a “gay death” at a certain age. Others struggle with aging and cling to our youth and relevance as each year passes. In this

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Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits (FWB) is a type of relationship where you can enjoy the sexual benefits of a relationship without the expectation of long-term commitment.  Navigating the blurred lines between friendship and sexual intimacy is a complex and potentially risky endeavour.  In this episode, Michael DiIorio and Pepper of The Gay Good discuss the nuances

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Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias refers to the internal biases or attitudes that influence our interactions and behaviour towards others.  We all have these deeply ingrained biases that unfortunately can hinder our efforts to build a more diverse and inclusive community.  In today’s episode, we are sharing our experience with Unconscious Bias in hopes that it will help

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Healing Shame

Shame is that terrible feeling that arises when you get the sense that something is fundamentally wrong about you. It is often accompanied by inadequacy and self-doubt. Shame convinces you that you are not enough.   Like it or not, shame plays a key role in the gay man’s life. Born into a straight world,

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