The Dark Night of the Soul

Dark periods are an inevitable part of life that can happen at any moment and in any number of ways: But what is the spiritual and psychological significance of this pain? In this episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, Michael is joined by LGBTQ+ affirmative psychotherapist Justin Oberste to discuss the concept of the Dark …

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Introduction to Breathwork

In this episode, Matt Landsiedel speaks with certified SOMA Breath breathwork instructor Jason Samadhi. Jason takes us on a journey into the power of breathwork and how consciously connecting with your breath can be one of the most potent tools for healing. By sharing the science of breathwork, Jason teaches us about the health benefits …

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Spirituality is an umbrella term that means many different things to many people. In this episode, we’re revealing our own experience with spirituality and spiritual practices by exploring these questions:  What does spirituality mean to you? What in your life brought you to spirituality? What does your spiritual practice involve? Where can someone start if …

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Guilt, Shame, and Religion

Guilt and shame are two of the most challenging emotions we encounter. For those who grew up with a religious or spiritual belief system, guilt and shame can have a uniquely traumatic impact on your sense of self and in your relationships. In this episode, host Michael DiIorio speaks with inter-faith community leader, Jeremy Russo, …

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Embracing Opposites

Have you ever found yourself conflicted about being top, bottom or vers? Or maybe you find yourself torn between whether or not you want monogamy or non-monogamy… Sometimes we can see pros and cons on both sides of our inner conflicts and it paralyzes us from making decisions. Being conflicted about your desires is completely …

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Queer & Christian

About today’s show While homosexuality and Christianity are often incompatible, there are many people who must navigate both. In this episode, Michael hosts a panel discussion with 3 queer men who grew up in the Christian faith. They are sharing their experiences in the church including how they came to terms with their sexuality.  Even …

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