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Money Mindset

Money Mindset

In this enriching episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, we are delving deep into the world of personal finance and exploring the often underestimated power of your money mindset.  Everyone has a money mindset, which consists of your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about money.  Whether you realize it or not, this mindset is creating your …

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Work-Life Balance

In this episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, we tackle a topic that’s become increasingly important in our fast-paced, interconnected world: work-life balance.  Throughout this episode, we explore the causes of the work-life balance struggle, including societal expectations and the constant connectivity enabled by technology. We’ll also share stories and practical advice on how we …

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Discovering Your Purpose

Discovering Your Purpose

Every human being has a unique purpose: something you and only you can bring to this world. In today’s episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, we are sharing our personal journeys towards our purpose. We’ll share how moments of clarity, inspiration, and even adversity provided invaluable insights into our true calling. Some of the questions …

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Inner Child Work

Today we are diving deep into the profound practice of inner child work, a transformative journey that has the power to heal wounds from our past and pave the way for a brighter future. Join us as we delve into various techniques and exercises that can help you connect with your inner child, nurture them, …

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Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias refers to the internal biases or attitudes that influence our interactions and behaviour towards others.  We all have these deeply ingrained biases that unfortunately can hinder our efforts to build a more diverse and inclusive community.  In today’s episode, we are sharing our experience with Unconscious Bias in hopes that it will help …

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Healing Shame

Shame is that terrible feeling that arises when you get the sense that something is fundamentally wrong about you. It is often accompanied by inadequacy and self-doubt. Shame convinces you that you are not enough.   Like it or not, shame plays a key role in the gay man’s life. Born into a straight world, …

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Sex and Intimacy (part 1)

Do you want sex or do you want intimacy? Or both? Sometimes our attempts to connect with guys gets thwarted by the confusion between these desires. This can lead to frustration and over time, loneliness.  In part 1 of this 2-part episode, Michael and Matt are going deeper into sex, intimacy, and sexual intimacy including…  Join …

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Pretty Privilege

In this episode, Matt Landsiedel and Andre-Lee Wills unpack the hot topic of pretty privilege. Pretty privilege works on the principle that people who are deemed more attractive—based on accepted societal beauty standards—have an upper hand in the world and are afforded many opportunities that less “attractive” people don’t have. Yet, it’s not often that …

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