Michael DiIorio

Bathhouses and Cruising

Long before the days of Grindr and the internet, the gay scene was largely underground. Gay and bi men had to find creative ways to connect in discreet, yet relatively safe spaces.   For many, the locals baths – or bathhouses- were a sanctuary where you could be yourself and meet other guys who were …

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Masturbation is a perfectly natural and healthy sexual activity that has many physical and mental benefits.  However, some question whether it is a harmful habit that leads to negative consequences in their personal life and relationships.  In this provocative and educational episode, Michael and Sex Coach, Craig Cassey answer your burning questions about masturbation, including …

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The Dark Night of the Soul

Dark periods are an inevitable part of life that can happen at any moment and in any number of ways: But what is the spiritual and psychological significance of this pain? In this episode of Gay Men Going Deeper, Michael is joined by LGBTQ+ affirmative psychotherapist Justin Oberste to discuss the concept of the Dark …

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Spirituality is an umbrella term that means many different things to many people. In this episode, we’re revealing our own experience with spirituality and spiritual practices by exploring these questions:  What does spirituality mean to you? What in your life brought you to spirituality? What does your spiritual practice involve? Where can someone start if …

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Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity is the belief that people should maintain a positive mindset, no matter how challenging a situation may be.  This belief invalidates your authentic emotions and is a form of avoidance.  In this episode, we’re sharing our own experiences and understanding of toxic positivity and we’ll answer the questions: What are your thoughts on …

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Emotional Health

While emotional health falls under the overall umbrella of mental health, it deserves its own conversation because your emotions have a profound impact on how you show up in the world and your overall quality of life. This episode will answer questions such as: What does it mean to be emotionally healthy? How can you …

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